As we got our new serenity server we decided to use ISPConfig to enable us to easely create hosting plans/clients/sites so that we can offer these services in the not so far future. ISPConfig is actually very easy to use, and works fine but I do have some remarks:

  • The first thing that bothers me is that when you create users/databases/… the prefix for these things is web[nr]_

    Now ok, you can change the user prefix to [DOMAIN]_ by logging in as admin and changing it in the ISPConfig settings. If you do this you get a nicer structure, usernames being formed like: domain.tld_username, BUT the directories on the server remain /var/www/web[nr] as do the database name, database user, …

  • The second thing that bothers me is that ISPConfig lacks an important feature in my opinion.

    When you start hosting websites for some clients, and they got an emailadress, they don’t want to login with web[nr]_username, not even with domain.tld_username!! You want to be able to let them login with just ‘username’ or username@domain.tld. This last option is the most interesting and I found a howto here explaining how to accomplish this, but either it’s too old, or it just ’sucks’.

    The main settings are ok, but the script …

    They say in the howto that it’s a formatting problem on the forum, and ok that’s ONE of the problems, another problem is that the script just doesn’t work. First of all, it ‘greps’ on the wrong value (being user) while in my case I had to grep on ‘web’ and secondly, the structure is all wrong, it cuts on the | delimiter but one of my user had a ‘|’ in the password hash, so it totally fucked up.

    After a bit of testing I just wrote my own version of the script and now, … IT WORKS!