Today I read about a tool that’s called OTS (Open Text Summarizer) on the debian package of the day website. It summarizes a text using word frequency to prepare a list of keywords and assign priority to sentences based on that frequency. Time to test it?

So, I tested it just for fun to see how well it summarizes. The first summary I had it do was one of the ISPConfig entry I wrote yesterday.

The output:

As we got our new serenity server we decided to use ISPConfig to enable us to easely create hosting plans/clients/sites so that we can offer these services 
in the not so far feature. Now ok, you can change the user prefix to [DOMAIN]_ by logging in as admin and changing it in the ISPConfig settings. 

Not that great, this one but hey it’s an automated tool, can’t expect a little tool to be as smart as humans can we? No “I, ROBOT” situations for us in the future.