From the zarafa website:

“Zarafa is a software package that allows you to share e-mail and calendars via Outlook, on your PDA or through our Webaccess. The Zarafa Webaccess features the familiar Outlook ‘Look & Feel’ interface, and you can keep using the features in Outlook that have always allowed you to work efficiently; Opening your colleague’s calendar or sending a meeting request is a piece of cake…”

Today I attended a 1-day Zarafa course/exam. I had not been able to play a around with zarafa before so the first few slides of course and the first hands-on experience were very welcome. I have to say I was impressed with the product as its outlook integration seems very easy: just install an additional outlook plugin from an MSI installer(easily deployable with login scripts, …) input the appropriate ip address or host and off you are. The client working with outlook won’t even notice the difference!

Offcourse the financial department will notice the difference, as will the IT department. Zarafa is a good M$ Exchange alternative and… cheaper…! Zarafa is built on the linux platform and on the open-source MTA so some modifications are rather easy.

To get an impression of zarafa go to

Yes indeed, zarafa web access looks ~ the same as the outlook web access so your users (used to outlook) won’t have to ‘adapt’.

The course itself was okey, the only thing they could implement in their next course is a Zarafa installation from scratch as we worked with a downloadable vmware image.

To end this rather informative and not so technical post: I do got my Zarafa Certificate! :-).