Again, I encountered the anger of a grumpy security guy, oh wait no it was a woman this time…

Anyway I’m starting to believe that being grumpy and angry is part of the job, or at least a side-effect. As I walked into the client’s building today I didn’t notice the security being grumpy or angry, but then when I went for a smoke the first time, and knocked on the door to let me back in I said ‘Thank You’. Sadly enough I did not get any response.

Second smoke… Thank you! - No response.

Third smoke… Thank You! - No response.

At the end of the day I was outside smoking when she suddenly left, so I say “Excuse me miss, but I won’t be able to get back in the building now?”.

She told me: “No, you need a badge to get in.” (As if consultants get badges for all clients, and certainly not on the first day…)

  • “Would you mind waiting 1 minute? My cigarette is nearly finished…”

  • “No can’t do that.”

And she left…

I had to call my colleague to let me back in again! Now that’s just rude, grumpy, and a lot of anger…

Maybe companies could consider anger management courses for the security personnel.

That’s all whining for today :-)


P.S. yes I do smoke, yes I know it is not healthy so please do not tell me to stop, you’ll be nothing but another person telling me what I should do, and I won’t! Yet… :-)