I got a message in my last.fm inbox, either it’s spam, or it’s a silly (breezer-like) girl/woman that’s really really desperate. Well actually in both cases it’s spam. Didn’t expect to see this on last.fm though:

From: G**
Subject: hi.. what's up!
date: 14 Feb 2008, 03:18

So, i guess it's time for me to start using this site. I can hold back no longer!
I looked at your page and well,
I liked   what I saw.. ;p

So um, my name is K** P**. I think we should be friends, cause you seem pretty cool, and maybe even cute!
(it's everso hard to tell in this digital world :)

anyway, i'd go on all day, but I wanna get a response from you.. You should check out my other "space"
on this other site, I'm always on over there: www.  date-centrale.  com/  ?id=2536&mypics (my
username is petitebelle). Then maybe we could chat sometime! you know what they say..
appearance wins over the eyes, but personality captures the heart.. haha..

take care,

K** P**

And I always thought I was safe from these kind of situations because I didn’t participate in the netlog/looknmeet/… BS :( Thanks last.fm :( Aaaah The Internets… Don’t we just love it :-)

P.S. I censored her (nick)name and the url because I don’t want any google hits on dating sites offcourse :-P