I just couldn’t resist.

Have a look at the following ZDNET post:

Photos iPhone running Windows XP

Ok, I must say, it is newsworthy. It’s more or less a “breakthrough”. I realise we have had mobile remote desktop solutions before (VNCsea for iPhone, and others). But this Citrix client is more then just a “remote desktop client”. Because it doesn’t just connect to a server running a certain OS. No, it connects to a server running more than 1 virtual instance of (perhaps multiple) operating system(s). So it is quite nice what Citrix achieved.

But, I must say: ZDNET: get your facts straight and do not try to deceive the reader in thinking that there was actually a windows XP running on the iPhone, because it was not! It was running as a virtual instance on a remote server. So at all time, to be able to use(not run) windows XP on your iPhone, you should have a wifi connection available. (I’m guessing that it would be just a bit to slow over a 3G connection…)

Or: Are them ZDNET editors just not capable of thinking straight?

Just my 2 cents