I haven’t been online much in the last few days, I know. Well, this has a perfectly reasonable explanation:

I was, what one could call: The HunchBack Of The Notre Arm…

Tuesday, I went for a walk with my loved one. When we came home I had a lot of itching on my arm but I thought: ‘oh well, stupid mosquitos, it will pass…’. Then again when I woke up wednesday morning the itching had evolved into a burning feeling, so I went to the pharmacy and bought an ointment. When I got at work I noticed that the ointment didn’t work that good and that my arm (right elbow to be precise) had grown somewhere in between 4 and 6 cm!! That’s a large swelling!

I went home, called the doctor and heard I had to wait until 16h40, so before going to the doctor I had to stand the burning feeling for another 4 hours! When I finally got to the doctor she asked me what bug bit me. I didn’t have the answer so she told me: “it’s an allergic reaction so I advice you to be carefull in the future”.

I was sent home by the doctor with antibiotics and a lot of other stuff to take. She told me to stay home from work until: FRIDAY!! I was thinking that this was probably a little bit exaggerated but when I look back to it: it wasn’t!

Some symptoms I had during my “revalidation”:

  • Burning feeling
  • A lot of Itching
  • Muscle pain
  • Unable to completely move right arm
  • Unbearable pain when trying to type :-(
  • Unbearable pain when trying to use the mouse :-(
  • Unbearable pain when trying to hold cigarette in right hand :-(<
  • Unbearable pain…