To post the ‘The Internets @ …’ posts I am using a perl script originally written by Stephen:

The script was later on modified by Edward de Leau to be compatible with wordpress 2.3. And I must say, I am very happy with this script. One problem was that it also synchronizes private links. I don’t like this, when I mark a link private, it should stay private, and it should not be posted on my wordpress. So I modified the script to be able to NOT synchronize these links.

While I was at it I also added an option to include the tags in the body of the post or not. Well actually this already existed, but was commented out. I just added a boolean to be able to choose wether to include them or not.

In the future I plan to maybe at the option to be able to choose fixed tags to be used in wordpress for a daily post.

Download my modifications: Link DEAD