Today my bluetooth GPS (Holux GPSlim 236) kind of melted. When I arrived at my destination I noticed that my cellphone reported “No GPS Device Found”. I was thinking maybe the battery had run flat, no problem! But then when I wanted to put it back into my glove compartment I noticed that my battery was lying next to my GPS device, and was kind of swollen. CRAP! It overheated. So far for good build quality. Where do they think you put your GPS device? In your glove compartment? No! For best performance you put it under your front window(where heat can be a factor from time to time). What will I do now? I don’t really know. I could buy a new one, or I could wait until I buy a new cellphone which will probably be the Nokia E71(has an internal GPS chip), to replace my current Nokia E61i. Dillema!